"The Flower Brick Road



At “Friends of Dorothy” we believe in the small things. Often it’s the small things that have a big impact. We decided to launch our “Flower Brick Road Initiative” which paves the way for acts of kindness through our flowers. 

Each month, “The Flower Brick Road Initiative” will donate a flower arrangement to a community member. We want to hear from you! Noticed someone in need? Someone who goes above and beyond for our community? 
Is the elderly lady across the road lonely? Your local barista seems down? A small business owner having difficulty? Tell us who you believe is in need of a little extra love and kindness. 

Please fill out the nomination form below as best you can. We value your honesty in nominating, “The Flower Brick Road Initiative” will only be a success through this. Keep your eyes open, together we can build the "Flower Brick Road" and pave the way with kindness.

The Friends x